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Foot Treatments


60 mins Mon - Fri $160 | Sat - Sun $176

Your foot journey begins with our grounding, warm eucalyptus blue gum foot soak. You will experience a lower leg and foot exfoliation before lying down and be enveloped in a warming cocoon of blankets. Rest your eyes with a soothing eye pillow and surrender while your spa therapist treats your feet to pure transformation. Rebalance the soles with a re-energising foot mask and tension-relieving foot and lower leg massage. Complete your foot journey with a polish application of your choice.


45 mins Mon - Fri $130 | Sat - Sun $143

Indulge your feet and rest your eyes with a hot foot compress and calming eye pillow whilst in the comfort of a warm cocoon. While your body rests, nail and cuticle work will refresh tired toes, and a foot massage and polish application will leave you with a spring in your step.


30 mins Mon - Fri $95 | Sat - Sun $105

Relax in one of our lush spa gowns with a heat pillow resting on your shoulders. In our signature foot treatment, you will be immersed in the aroma of our eucalyptus blue gum foot soak as you sip on a herbal tea. A foot scrub and hot stone foot massage will complete your treatment leaving you grounded and relaxed. 

Shellac Polish

We do not offer removal of Shellac polish. We are unable to alter our treatments and services for shellac polish. 

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