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UPDATE: We are currently unable to offer facials due to Victorian restrictions. *Please see the adjustments to our Enhancements list below. We are still able to offer our Skin Analysis to provide the best possible treatment customised for your skin. 
Enhance your Massage Experience...
Eco-Mud Massage | $30

A warm luxurious mud with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties is lathered for deep muscle relaxation while de-ageing botanical ingredients are absorbed into your body, nourishing your skin. ​

Micro Emulsion Massage | $30

The ultimate aromatic nourishing massage emulsion with safflower, geranium and orange oils blend, particularly good for dry skin, eczema & psoriasis.


Back Hot Stone Massage | $15

Using the combination of heat, pressure and aromatherapy to send you into a complete state of tranquillity while relieving muscle aches and tension.


Marine Magnesium Massage | $15

Derived from the mineral-rich, unpolluted waters off the coast of France - contains pure and natural marine magnesium concentrate in a light, seawater-infused gel for immediate absorption. Works quickly to relieve fatigue, muscle cramps, and muscular inflammation while nourishing your body and spirit with remineralising and wellness induced benefits.


Enhance your Facial Experience...
Ginkgo De-Stress Eye Treatment | $38

Counteract puffiness and dark circles with an instant-release collagen bio matrix infused with ginkgo biloba. This natural fibre mask treatment increases circulation, soothes, cools, and decongests the fragile eye contour while eyes are rendered visibly rejuvenated.

Smoothing Eye Treatment with Collagen | $38

Treat your eye area to the repairing benefits of 100% pure marine collagen. This potent treatment immediately smooths fine lines and wrinkles while reducing crepe skin. Your eye contour is wonderfully rejuvenated. ​

Facial Ampoules...


*We are currently unable to offer our Facial Ampoule treatments due to Victorian restrictions

A highly potent and effective serum packed full of natural plant extracts, designed to treat individual concerns. Featuring a targeted, time release delivery system that allows the powerful ingredients to be slowly released, giving you maximum benefits throughout the day.

Collagen Polypeptides with Myoxy-Caviar® | $38

Featuring a highly concentrated formula, this ampoule treatment contains age prevention and reparative ingredients to smooth and plump ageing skin. Collagen polypeptides, caviar extract, and hibiscus Esculentus extract provide instant benefits. Recommended for all skin types with wrinkles, tendency towards dryness, and deep dehydration.

Luminous & Firm Skin: Elastin Polypeptides with Sorghum | $38

A powerful treatment blend that visibly firms and rejuvenates the skin with a high concentration of sorghum (rich in vitamins B2, C, and polysaccharides), combined with elastin polypeptides. This powerful treatment effectively helps prevent premature slackening of the skin and delivers hydrating and tightening benefits for an instantly firmer, more youthful appearance. Recommended for all skin types with loss of elasticity and lack of lustre.


Luminous & Oxygenated Skin: Vitamin C with Oxyzomes | $38

Featuring an outstanding, targeted delivery system, this illuminating treatment releases vitamin C into your skin throughout the day to build collagen and brighten the complexion. Powerfully formulated with hyaluronic acid, it works to visibly repair and smooth the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and increase oxygenation. Recommended for all skin types seeking an illuminating glow.

Soothing Propolis Concentrate | $38

Propolis, a natural extract from beehives, is known for its calming, healing, and antibacterial benefits. From this soothing facial treatment, you will experience immediate relief and healing. Ideal for sensitive and acneic skin and for calming all skin types.


Rejuvenating Vitaminic Concentrate | $38

Rich in vitamins A, E and D, this revitalising treatment moisturises and de-ages dry skin types. These vitamins also ensure that your skin is protected from daily free radical damage that contributes to the ageing process. Ideal repair treatment for any time the skin may be more dry than usual especially during the winter season.


RS2 Concentrate | $38

Using healing white water lily flower extract and soothing green tea, this calming and alleviating treatment immediately brings relief to sunburned or inflamed skins. Aloe and chamomile flower extracts promote instant relief and diffusion of redness. Your skin is rendered calmed, soothed, and refreshed.

Freeze Dried Treatments...

*We are currently unable to offer our Freeze Dried treatments due to Victorian restrictions

The latest freeze-drying technique preserves the natural active ingredients with the unique ability of delivering the most outstanding and effective de-ageing results.

Escutox® Freeze-Dried Anti-Wrinkle Treatment | $38

Formulated with a Pevonia exclusive, patented blend of Hibiscus Esculentus Extract and pure French seaweed extract to provide you with a true topical and natural alternative to Botox.


Clear-O-Zym™ | $38

An innovative peel, Clear-O-Zym™ eliminates easily accumulated blackheads and assists in removing dead skin build-up. Recommended for thicker textured skin with deeply clogged pores.

Enhance your Hair or Geisha Spa Bath Experience...
Aroma Milk Bath with Salts | $25

Indulge in ultimate serenity! This nourishing, aromatic milk bath relieves tension and fatigue, boosts circulation and restores hydration and elasticity with a blend of safflower, geranium, orange and vitamin E. Recommended for eczema and psoriasis.

Botanical Hair & Scalp Treatment | $25

Deep conditioning hair treatment with Hawaiian white ginger root, sage & white tea.

Enhance any Treatment... 

(Extra time required)

Shirodhara | 30 mins | $80

Be transported to a complete state of relaxation as a warm and consistent flow of oil is streamed on the forehead, specifically on the ‘third eye’. As the warm oil flows over the scalp and through the hair, creating a harmonious sensation, it allows your body to release serotonin and encourage a balance of mind, body & spirit. This soothing oil is then massaged into the scalp to further release any areas of tension.

Lux Grounding Foot Soak | 30 mins | $50

Relax in one of our lush spa gowns with a heat pillow resting on your shoulders. Be immersed in the aroma of our eucalyptus blue gum foot soak as you sip on a herbal tea. A foot scrub and hot stone foot massage will leave you grounded and relaxed to enjoy your following treatment.

Eco-friendly Mud Body Wrap | 45 mins | $115

The perfect enhancement to any treatment, enjoy these luxurious wraps and relax knowing you are contributing to protecting the Earth's natural resources. 

After a dry body brush exfoliation these muds are designed to be completely absorbed leaving your skin deeply hydrated. ​

Sea Salt Scrub | 45 mins | $95

This natural sea salt scrub is enriched with marine minerals that polishes the skin, while providing de-ageing and anti-cellulite benefits. While working to replenish important minerals and health inducing negative ions, this scrub will give you a complete sensory experience.

Silky Skin Body Polish | 45 mins | $95

​​Jojoba Beads, rosemary, chamomile and lemon precisely combined to smooth and soften the skin as rough patches vanish, and radiant, silky-soft skin emerges.

Purifying Back Treatment | 45 mins | $125

The hard to reach back area needs cleansing and pampering too! This treatment includes exfoliation, aromatic steam, deep pore cleansing, and a pore refining mask followed by a light massage and veil of hydrating moisturiser. Ideal for oily or acneic back skin.

Express Organic Facial | 30 mins | $90

*We are currently unable to offer this treatment due to Victorian restrictions

Discover the wonderful feeling of relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation that comes with our organic facial. Our Express treatment includes a cleanse and exfoliation, followed by a rich multi-vitamin mask to leave your skin looking radiant. 

Maybe you’ve had a really hard week and need a little more de-stressing, or you just really like massage! Add some extra time…

30min massage | $70

60min massage | $125

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