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Enhance your Massage experience...

▪ Mud Massage - Add to any massage | $30.00

Enhance your massage experience. Warm mud is applied for deep muscle relaxation and absorbed into your body nourishing your skin. 

▪ Micro Emulsion Massage - Add to any massage | $30.00

The ultimate aromatic nourishing massage emulsion with Safflower, Geranium and Orange oils blend, particularly good for dry skin. 

▪ Back Hot Stone Massage - Add to any massage | $15.00

Include hot stones in your massage to release any back tension and promote relaxation.  

▪ Aromatherapy Massage - Add to any massage | $15.00

A treat for the senses using a blend of essential oils tailored to your needs. 

▪ Marine Magnesium Massage - Add to any massage | $15.00

Relieve muscle fatigue, cramps and inflammation with remineralising benefits. 

Enhance your Facial experience...

▪ Eye Soothe - Add to any treatment | $38.00

Gingko de-stress eye treatment, stimulates lymphatic capillaries to drain more effectively, reducing puffiness & dark shadows.

▪ Eye Smooth - Add to any treatment | $38.00

De-stress collagen eye treatment for eye wrinkles, hydrates & plumps the eye contours, reducing the appearance of fine lines.

▪ Facial Ampoule - Add to any facial | $38.00

Pevonia patented formulas with natural plant extracts, customised to treat your skin concerns.

Luminous Collagen / Elastin & Polypeptides - smooths wrinkles, firms, hydrates, illuminates

Vitamin C with Oxyzomes - corrects photo-damage, reduces fine lines, illuminates, firms

Soothing Propolis - decongests, calms, heals, natural antibiotics

Vitaminic C - replenishes, anti-free radical, nourishes, vitamins A, E & D

Soothing Formula - diffuses redness, Rosacea, calms, strengthens, heals

▪ Clear-o-zyme - Add to any facial | $38.00

A deeply decongesting freeze dried extract that softens hardened blackheads and blemishes. 

Enhance your Hair or Geisha Spa Bath experience...

▪ Botanical Hair & Scalp Treatment - Add to any treatment | $25.00

Deep conditioning hair treatment with Hawaiian white ginger root, sage & white tea.

▪ Aroma Milk Bath with Salts - Add to Geisha Tub | $25.00

Enhance your Geisha tub experience with a nourishing aroma milk bath to relieve dry skin. Ideal for eczema & psoriasis. 

Enhance your Hand and Foot experience...


▪ Paraffin hand or foot treatment - Add to any treatment | $20.00

Heat therapy designed to increase blood flow, relieve joint pain & hydrate the skin. 

▪ Mini Lightening Hand treatment - Add to any treatment | $25.00

Lacto-flora peel lightens hyper pigmentation and smooths skin texture followed by a lightening mask. 

Enhance any treatment... 

(extra time needed)

▪ Lux Grounding Foot Soak - Add to any treatment | 30min | $50.00

Relax in one of our lush spa gowns with a heat pillow resting on your shoulders. Be immersed in the aroma of our eucalyptus blue gum foot soak as you sip away on a herbal tea. A foot scrub and hot stone foot massage will complete your treatment leaving you grounded and relaxed to enjoy your following treatment. The perfect enhancement to any treatment or to share with friends in our relaxation lounge. 

▪ Eco-friendly Mud Body Wrap - Add to any treatment | 45min | $115.00

Heat The perfect enhancement to any treatment, enjoy these luxurious wraps and relax knowing you are contributing to protecting the Earth's natural resources. 

After a dry body brush exfoliation these muds are designed to be completely absorbed leaving your skin deeply hydrated. 

▪ Sea Salt Exfoliation - Add to any treatment | 45min | $95.00

Body sea salt scrub exfoliates and polishes the skin leaving behind an enjoyable sensory experience and soft glowing skin or choose our rich and creamy body polish if you have sensitive skin. 

▪ Massage

In need of a little extra R & R? Add on massage time...

30min massage | $65.00
45min massage | $90.00
60min massage | $115.00