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Whether you are looking to exfoliate and renew your skin to reveal softer, glowing skin, or to detox and nourish your body, Lux Spa and Wellness has a range of therapeutic body rituals that will reveal a new you. As our highly-trained spa therapists use the healing power of touch, these treatments will go beyond body revitalisation and restore your mind and wellbeing.

Shirodhara 45 mins 

Mon - Fri $105 | Sat - Sun $116


Be transported to a complete state of relaxation as a warm and consistent flow of oil is streamed on the forehead, specifically on the ‘third eye’. As the warm oil flows over the scalp and through the hair, creating a harmonious sensation, it allows your body to release serotonin and encourage a balance of mind, body & spirit. This soothing oil is then massaged into the scalp to further release any areas of tension.

Eco-Friendly Body Mud Wraps  45 mins

Mon - Fri $135 | Sat - Sun $149


Experience the rejuvenating benefits of a full body dry exfoliation using a technique to encourage lymph-drainage and buff away dry skin. Indulge your senses and relax knowing that you are contributing to protecting the Earth’s natural resources. Be lathered in our Eco-Friendly, rinse free mud wrap before you experience a nurturing and warming cocoon. Release stress and tension with a pressure point scalp massage before your luxurious mud wrap is massaged into the skin to be completely absorbed leaving your whole body deeply hydrated and nourished

Cactus & Agave Vita-Repair Body Wrap

An exquisite blend of cactus and blue agave extracts combines with prickly pear and beta-carotene to revitalise your body, mind, and spirit. After a luxurious dry brushing technique, this deeply healing treatment delivers extraordinary anti-inflammatory and repairing benefits as it vanquishes skin chafing, rough patches and dryness.

Crepe-No-More De-Ageing Body Wrap

Experience the latest in body de-ageing with this antioxidant rich body wrap. After a luxurious dry brushing technique, the wrap’s lusciously crafted blend of longan super fruit and potent skin de-agers like collagen, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter, works to radically counteract crepe skin and uneven texture while awakening your cells’ metabolism.

Optional Enhancements:

▪ 30 min massage ▪ 60 min massage ▪ Botanical hair treatment

Body Wraps 60 mins

Mon - Fri $145 | Sat - Sun $160

These restorative body wraps begin with your choice of natural sea salts enriched with marine minerals or a creamy chamomile, rosemary and lemon body polish before your choice of body wrap is lathered generously to your body.


Aromatherapy Cocoon

Breathe in tranquillity as your body relaxes and stress gently slips away. Natural essential oils soothe your senses as they are warmly applied after a full body exfoliation to stimulate your body's ability to release stress. Your entire being is nestled in a delightful cocoon and transported to a state of divine relaxation. 

Magma Mud Wrap

Transport your mind and body to the Canadian glacial mountains as you breathe and feel the natural black moor, rosemary and pine.  Indulge in a full body exfoliation before a warm aromatic magma mud rich in natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes, is generously lathered to your entire body. Melt away any aches and pains as your natural systems are restored and stresses vanish.


Optional Enhancements:

▪ Botanical hair treatment ▪ Eye soothe ▪ Eye smooth ▪ Lux Grounding Foot Soak

Steam & Vichy Shower Cocoon and Body Wrap 60 mins

Mon - Fri $195 | Sat - Sun $215


Allow your mind to escape in a fragrant water therapy journey by incorporating herbal steam in our Vichy Capsule. Beginning with your choice of either creamy chamomile, rosemary and lemon body polish or natural sea salts enriched with marine minerals before your choice of body wrap is lathered generously to your body. Rebalance and soothe the mind as a tension releasing pressure point scalp therapy is performed. The wrap and body polish are rinsed away with our unique water-based treatment which uses carefully positioned horizontal showers. Complete your journey with a moisture application using either an indulgent, aromatic body oil or a lightly exfoliating, revitalising body moisturiser.

Optional Enhancements:

▪ Botanical hair treatment ▪ 30 min massage ▪ 60 min massage

Purifying Back Treatment 45 mins

Mon - Fri $135 | Sat - Sun $149


The hard to reach back area needs cleansing and pampering too! This treatment includes exfoliation, aromatic steam, deep pore cleansing, and a pore refining mask followed by a light massage and veil of hydrating moisturiser. Ideal for oily or acneic back skin.

Optional Enhancements:

▪ Botanical hair treatment ▪ 30 min massage ▪ 60 min massage



Body Exfoliation 45 mins

Mon - Fri $105 | Sat - Sun $116

Silky Skin Body Polish

Enjoy a rich and creamy body polish uniting jojoba beads to eliminate dead cells while lemon, rosemary and sage reduce superficial toxicity, impurities, and sebum accumulation. This nourishing body polish improves circulation while leaving your skin silky soft. Followed by a nourishing body cream.

Sea Salt Scrub

Restore skin's radiant glow with an exfoliating sea salt enriched with 73 minerals and essential oils of grapefruit, mandarin, orange and lavender. As these delightful aromas entice your senses, the body is gently polished, rendering skin silky-smooth and mineralised. Followed by a nourishing body cream.

Optional Enhancements:

▪ 30 min massage ▪ 60 min massage ▪ Lux Grounding Foot Soak

Japanese Geisha Tub 30 mins

Mon - Fri $80 | Sat - Sun $88


The ultimate indulgence for singles or couples where you can relax and unwind in a stunning Japanese-style Geisha Tub. Your worries will wash away as this warm and sensuous water therapy nourishes and soothes your soul. Special bath additives available.

Optional Enhancements:

▪ Aroma milk bath with salts

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