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A complete body massage tailored to your body's individual needs followed by a facial cleansing, exfoliation and massage treatment customised to suit your skin.


1hr 30min | $149.00

Signature Massage - Rejuvenate

A complete body massage tailored to your individual needs follows the application of a customised warm poultice to relax and soothe the back muscles and to provide additional healing benefits.

1h 30min | $149.00


Signature Massage - Relax

Sabai... a Thai expression for well-being. Exhale and relax as your therapist administers an advanced tri-phase stone massage therapy far exceeding traditional stone massage.
Also available for 90 min | $150

1h | $155.00

Sabai Hot Stone

This classic massage uses a combination of long, slow effleurage movements, your therapist will consult & tailor the massage to suit each client's needs, to increase circulation and induce a calm and relaxed state of mind.

1h | $105.00



A deep tissue or remedial massage tailored to individual needs manipulates soft tissues to achieve specific therapeutic outcomes for chronic muscular conditions, injury rehabilitation and sports recovery.

1h | $105.00

Muscular Relief

This specialist massage is tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and will gently relax tense muscles, leaving both mum and baby with an improved sense of wellbeing.

1h | $105.00

Pregnancy Massage

This classic aromatherapy massage allows you to choose from a selection of single & blend notes. Your therapist will consult and tailor each client's individual needs.

1h | $115.00

Aromatherapy Massage