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Facial Therapies


90 mins Mon - Fri $300 | Sat - Sun $330

  • Lux Signature Grounding Foot Soak

  • High Performance Facial

  • LED Light Therapy

Begin to unwind and melt away tension that tends to lie in the feet. Our signature foot soak is guaranteed to refresh tired, overworked feet with a foot and lower leg scrub and hot stone massageOnce you are completely grounded, feed your skin with botanical and marine derived ingredients utilising fruit enzyme exfoliation, seaweed extract, a highly potent serum and a customised, results-driven lift-off mask. Further release high tension areas with an opulent décolletage, face and scalp massage. Our signature facial includes LED light therapy for enhanced results. This non-invasive advanced technology is proven to reduce signs of ageing, redness, acne, sun damage and more. 


60 mins Mon - Fri $214 | Sat - Sun $236

Relaxation meets results. A luxurious, results-driven treatment tailored to your unique skin, precisely formulated with the most potent natural ingredients the Ocean and Earth have to offer. Using the highest quality skincare from Pevonia or O Cosmedics, your therapist will select the best possible treatment for your skin's individual concerns from: 

  • Sensitivity

  • Pigmentation

  • Ageing

  • Dry or dehydrated skin

  • Rosacea and more.

Suggested Enhancements:

LED Light Therapy


45 mins | Mon - Fri $150 | Sat - Sun $165

Your organic experience begins with a hot compress of the feet to help you melt into a warm cocoon. Discover the wonderful feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation. Our organic facial combines pineapple and papaya enzymes with the warmth of steam to reveal a refreshed complexion. Soothe the mind as a tension-releasing pressure point scalp therapy is performed. Drift off during an indulgent facial massage, using pure essential oil blends and a rich multi-vitamin mask, and reawaken to radiant skin.


45 mins Mon - Fri $160 | Sat - Sun $176

Experience the results of this non-invasive treatment that delivers clinically proven Blue 415nm, Red 633nm and Near Infrared 830nm through single wavelength LEDs, to ensure targeted light delivery into the skin and provide you with rejuvenating and corrective benefits. These specific wavelengths are absorbed by the skin to stimulate cell renewal and collagen production, resolve problem skin conditions such as acne, eczema and redness, accelerate skin healing and the only LED device medically CE certified to treat Psoriasis. Your therapist will complete your LED facial with a moisturiser suited to your skin's needs. 

Suggested Enhancements:

Pevonia Facial Ampoule


Available Mon - Fri only

6 x sessions $330 | 12 x sessions $600 

A series of LED light therapy treatments to revitalise your skin and target specific concerns or conditions of the skin. This series will begin with a thorough consultation of your skin with your therapist where your treatment plan will be discussed. Depending on the skin condition, your therapist may recommend a series of either 6 or 12 treatments.

Please arrive with cleansed skin free of any product. Your series is to be completed within 4-6 weeks, 2 to 3 times a week for optimum results. 


Mon - Fri $59 | Sat - Sun $65

A non-invasive treatment that delivers clinically proven therapeutic light energy for rejuvenating and corrective benefits. Specific wavelengths are absorbed by the skin to stimulate cell renewal and collagen production, resolve problem skin conditions such as acne and redness and accelerate skin healing. It is a safe and pain free treatment without downtime.


Mon - Fri $42 | Sat - Sun $47

Counteract puffiness and dark circles with an instant-release collagen bio matrix infused with ginkgo biloba. This natural fibre mask treatment increases circulation, soothes, cools, and decongests the fragile eye contour while eyes are rendered visibly rejuvenated.


Mon - Fri $42 | Sat - Sun $47

Treat your eye area to the repairing benefits of 100% pure marine collagen. This potent treatment immediately smooths fine lines and wrinkles while reducing crepe skin. Your eye contour is wonderfully rejuvenated. ​


Mon - Fri $42 | Sat - Sun $47

Enzymatic mask packed with peptides and vitamins infused into your skin to target your main concern. 


Mon - Fri $42 | Sat - Sun $47

A highly potent and effective serum packed full of natural plant extracts, designed to treat individual concerns. Featuring a targeted, time release delivery system that allows the powerful ingredients to be slowly released, giving you maximum benefits throughout the day. Your therapist can help recommend the best option for your skin from the following ampoules:

Collagen Polypeptides with Myoxy-Caviar®

Recommended for all skin types with wrinkles, tendency towards dryness

This highly concentrated ampoule treatment contains age-preventing and repairing ingredients to smooth and plump ageing skin. Collagen polypeptides, caviar extract, and hibiscus Esculentus extract provide instant benefits. 

Luminous & Oxygenated Skin: Vitamin C with Oxyzomes

Recommended for all skin types seeking an illuminating glow

This treatment releases vitamin C into your skin throughout the day to build collagen and brighten complexion. Powerfully formulated with hyaluronic acid, it works to visibly repair and smooth the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and increase oxygenation. 

Soothing Propolis Concentrate

Recommended for sensitive and acneic skin and for calming all skin types

Propolis, a natural extract from beehives, is known for its calming, healing, and antibacterial benefits. From this soothing facial treatment, you will experience immediate relief and healing.


Rejuvenating Vitaminic Concentrate

Recommended for all skin types with tendency towards dryness

​Rich in vitamins A, E and D, this revitalising treatment moisturises and de-ages dry skin types. These vitamins also ensure that your skin is protected from daily free radical damage that contributes to the ageing process. Ideal repair treatment for any time the skin may be more dry than usual, especially during the winter season. 

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