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Wellness Therapies


60 minsMon - Fri $160 | Sat - Sun $176

Reiki, pronounced ‘ray-key’, is a Japanese form of therapy developed in the late 19th century, that aims to increase energy levels and promote relaxation and wellbeing. The underlying philosophy of reiki is that if a person’s energy is low, they are more likely to be unwell or stressed. If it is high, however, they are more capable of being happy and feeling well. Reiki will not cure illnesses or disease, but it may help your body to feel more relaxed and peaceful. You will be asked to lie on the massage table in your Lux Spa gown as this treatment is performed fully clothed. Your therapist places their hands on or just above your body in sequences of positions. Unlike massage, a reiki session does not involve any form of physical manipulation. During a session, you may feel warmth or cold, a tingling sensation, slight twitching or a rumbling tummy, or you may feel absolutely nothing but complete relaxation.


60 minsMon - Fri $180 | Sat - Sun $198


Kinesiology uses gentle muscle testing to identify imbalances in the body, be it structural, emotional, nutritional or chemical. With the use of muscle testing, kinesiologists find the glitch that is stopping you from moving forward. Look forward, find "your magic" and leave the obstacles of the past behind.


60 minsMon - Fri $180 | Sat - Sun $198

A nutritionist is passionate about what is going into our bodies. Health and wellbeing are affected by multiple external and internal factors, some of which lead to functional disorders and chronic disease. The role of the Nutritional Medicine practitioner is to identify the cause of dysfunction, educate clients, develop specified treatment and prevention plans, and give clients the tools they require, to re-establish and maintain wellbeing. 

If you need to take more time to slow down and find your balance, our Wellness Retreats offer tailored experiences designed to take you on a complete wellness journey. 

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