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Well-being with Kinesiology

Welcome, to a little bit of info about me, and how I ended up working in the natural health industry. My name is Jo, and I happily work at the Great Ocean Road Resort and Lux Spa & Wellness. I reside in beautiful Anglesea and I love the outdoor lifestyle that is offered here and being out in nature! I ride bikes as exercise and meditation. I love food, I love having energy, and I love life!

I’ve been in a place where I thought all of the above was such an effort. Feeling sluggish and flat, day in, day out! A bloated stomach, low immune function, mood swings, food cravings, eating the wrong foods (or pretend foods) for my body, and not having enough energy to enjoy life like I do now! My journey to becoming a Clinical Nutritionist started about 10 years ago. I was seeing a Natural Medicine practitioner who was helping me to get back on track. But I was always asking the “how” and “why” things worked or didn’t work. I wanted to know why I had Gallstones. Not just how to get rid of them! I wanted to know why I always felt so bloated and tired after training, whilst other people felt fine. Why, how, where and when did this all unfold! I wanted to have more knowledge.

I've helped many people gain well-being with changes to food, and supplementation, however, I knew there was more I wanted to know about how our body functions, especially when under emotional stress. A year or so on, and I knew I wanted more knowledge. So, through a relationship breakdown, I was searching for answers to help myself understand my feelings and emotions around this event. I started to see a Kinesiologist, and wow wee, was this powerful. This helped me move through this time with more ease. This is when I looked into studying Kinesiology and the teacher had me signed up on the spot. So here I am, a Kinesiologist, looking to become a Kinesiopractor (kind of like doing a Masters degree). Learn more about Kinesiology and how it can help you…

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is gentle muscle reflex testing, to identify imbalances within the body. Muscle testing can uncover factors which can block the body's natural healing process, be it emotional, physical or biochemical factors.

Gentle muscle testing supplies information from proprioceptors communicating with the brain. The brain receives signals from the proprioceptors throughout the body. You'll notice in a Kinesiology Balance, the kinesiologist will use several muscles to test what might be going on in your body.

How does this tell the kinesiologist what is happening in your body? Certain muscles are linked to meridians in your body & meridians are linked to your organs. For example, you may have had a cough, and then ended up with a sore shoulder, or hand, and wondered why, or vice versa. The Lung Meridian could be blocked due to your lungs being overworked from coughing. The Meridian energy then doesn't run through the arm correctly, and then causes a muscle to be weakened, without enough energy or flow.

Think of the switch board in your house. You plug in the toaster, coffee machine, blender and kettle. The power supply (your lung meridian) is running fine, and then you plug in one more appliance, and boom, it blows a fuse, and everything stops working on that circuit. This is exactly the same as our bodies! We can handle many different factors, and have enough energy to run, until, boom, we add one more stressor to the body, and the fuse is blown. So, we take away an appliance to help it function properly. We also flick the circuit switch back on, and the toaster, coffee machine, blender and kettle work perfectly fine again. This is the same as the lung and the muscles associated with the lung meridian. We go back, find out what has overloaded the circuit, remove the stressor, and give power back to the lung, so the meridian can function and flow correctly, allowing the muscles to be nourished and function well.

There are many different protocols to help turn the power back on, be it an emotional release, a biochemical imbalance, or a structural movement.

What can I expect during a session?

When you have a Kinesiology Balance at Lux Spa & Wellness, you'll be asked how you want to feel at the end of the balance, and what you would like to gain from the session. The kinesiologist and the client work together towards your main goal for the session. You may feel a little tired after the balance, as your energy and meridians start functioning really well. Plenty of water and rest after a balance is a great way to gain even more benefits from a balance. Depending on how long your issue has been around for, you may need a few balances to really sort it out. Most people feel the benefits of their balance, and then want to come back to work on something else that is bugging them!

Whilst in the session, you can expect to feel a little discomfort, maybe an emotional release, relaxation, an "AH HA" moment, or just gaining more information on how best to support your body and the way it loves to function. You may come for a balance to help reduce stress and anxiety, to help with a sore leg, to help clear a headache that has been hanging around for far too long, to help you sleep well, understand why you have a bloated stomach (even though you eat really well), or just generally come for relaxation and feel more balance in your daily life.

Is Kinesiology suitable for me?

Kinesiology Balances are available to all ages; babies right through. Kinesiology is also wonderful for pregnant women, allowing more flow through their rib space to help expansion more comfortable.

If you are feeling a little out of balance, jump online, and book a session. If you would like to speak with Jo, give Lux Spa & Wellness a call today on (03) 5261 6865. To learn more about our alternative therapies or book online, visit


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